Last week another customer fell between their boat and the pontoon finger in the Westwey Road marina. The lady was unable to get herself out of the water despite desperate attempts and was rescued by the RNLI Inshore Lifeboat. The following points should be considered by berth-holders: Do you know where the nearest escape ladder is to your boat? Is it worth leaving a ladder lowered on the stern of your boat in harbour if you have one? Think about following the harbour staff's example by wearing a lifejacket at all times on the pontoons. A customer has also suggested that it could be helpful to know where the closest vessel is with a bathing platform etc. on the stern as this could be used in an emergency to get out. Likewise please familiarise yourself with all emergency equipment on the pontoons. Please act now to ensure you do not find yourself in the same position. Do not under-estimate the difficulty in getting out of the water when you are shocked and cold.
Weymouth Events 2019
150th Anniversary - Parade of Boats
Local Directives
A PHA directive regarding kite surfing in Portland Harbour can be read HERE
Portland Harbour Authority Directive re. Kite Surfing
Weymouth Harbour Authority Directive re. Pontoon Safety
150th Anniversary Events
Tuesday 1 st May 2018 – Station AGM (150 th anniversary of the very first AGM in 1869). Saturday 26 th January 2019 (the actual day of the anniversary) - Lifeboat Station Dinner. Friday 22 nd March 2019 - a major function to be held at the Pavilion (see notes below). Sunday 23 rd June (to be confirmed) – Participation in Veterans Street Parade Sunday 28 th July 2019 (Lifeboat Week) - Boat Parade before or after blessing of the lifeboat. Wednesday 14 th August 2019 (Carnival Day?) - Lifeboat Float in Weymouth Carnival.
2019 Spring Meeting
Notes from Weymouth Lifeboat Area Community Safety team meeting 7 th March 2019 Present: Clive Edwards (CE, chair), Terry Sherman (TS) David Hearn (DH), Julie Gilvear (JG), Gareth Peaston (GP), James McLean (JMc) , David Cornes (DC) Apologies: Nigel Jones, Andy Sargent, Rob Sansom, Alice Higgins, Sarah Murray, Malcolm Wright 1. Welcome: CE announced the very sad news that Judi Gifford had crossed the bar ten days ago, and CE was asked to convey everyone’s condolences and circulate details of the funeral arrangements when these are known. It was also noted with regret that due to his commitment as a skipper and trustee of mv Freedom Dirk Aldous has resigned from our Com Safety team - Everyone wishes to thank Dirk for his very valuable contribution over the past two years and to wish him all the very best in his work for the Freedom Charity. A warm welcome was extended to David Cornes, joining us as a member of the Merchant Navy Association Boat Club with a brief to act as an MNA – RNLI adviser for safety on inland waterways , but in view of Dirk’s resignation CE hopes to recruit David to take over Dirk’s activities as a fully-fledged member of our Weymouth area Com Safety team 2. Community Safety Team Structure: In an endeavour to play to team members strengths in terms of knowledge, experience, qualifications and their locations it was agreed that TS would become deputy CSO for Sea Safety, and that he and GP would be responsible for most Lifejacket Inspections, AOBs, Calling for Help sessions and safety presentations whilst JMc would be deputy CSO for Community Interventions and visits to organisations generally. It was noted that JG is the only other member of the team qualified to undertake lifejacket Checks, Calling for Help Seminars etc. and that we need to arrange courses for AOB, Lifejackets, C4H etc. for other team members asap….. 3. Up-Dating our Community Lifesaving Plan (CLP) CE and DH had made the necessary essentially minor changes to the main body of the CLP which was available at the meeting in draft form. It was agreed that the draft should now be accepted as the final version of our Community Lifesaving Plan for 2019, with the Interventions and Events annexes being discussed under the following items 4. Interventions Strategy: Following a very constructive email from Sarah Murray following hers and Judi Gifford’s experience along the west of our area, and a similar thought expressed by CE it was proposed that we should adopt a much more targeted and more “face to Face” approach to interventions in the future with less emphasis on distributing literature etc to such a wide range of organisations. It was agreed that CE’s suggestion that we drop all our lowest priority visits (Cat 3) and concentrate mainly on those where we can have a personal face to face chat and hopefully “make a difference” CE and DH will now work on the Interventions Annexe and DH will “personalise” this so that CSAs have their own individualised Interventions spreadsheet. JMc pointed out need to add Waterside Holiday Park (Alan Main), Chesil Vista and Osmington Parks 5. Recording Interventions: DH has devised a form that is simple to use but at the same time provides us and head office with all the feedback required that will enable CSAs to make use of this form in respect of all their interventions irrespective of type; DH impressed on everyone the need to complete this form and return it to DH asap whenever an intervention is carried out 6. Events 2019: We discussed all the events on the attached sheet and agreed who amongst us would try to ensure we have a presence at each and what resources they would require 7. Resources:: CE reminded everyone that we could get 2019 RTW Launch Packs from Community Safety at Poole and that those requiring these packs should put in their orders asap. It was also agreed that we should try to get as many of us as possible together for a brief visit to the unit on the Granby Estate to see what kit we keep stored there and how to access it CE agreed to approach Nigel Jones again to see what if anything could be done to have use of Com safety RIB Evelyn M in future 8. Lifeboat week & The 150 th Anniversary Boat Parade: It was agreed that we should try to make a contribution to Lifeboat Week and the Boat Parade: CE and JG had run a “guard boat” for the Lifeboat Exercise in Newton’s Cove off the Nothe in 2018 and depending on availability might be able to do the same again either in Newton’s Cove (Monday 29 th july) and/or off Bowleaze (Wed 31 st July) It was also agreed that CE/TS and GP would set up a “Throw-Bag” competition at Bowleaze Cove for the event there on Wed 31 st July 9. RNLI “Partnerships” CE gave a brief summary of the collaboration between the RNLI and the Merchant Navy Association (MNA) and the MNA Boat Club to promote the Respect the Water Campaign and extend it to include Inland Waterways (where 70% of drownings actually occur) as well as along the coast – an outline of the scheme is attached, 10. Next meeting: Agreed Thursday 25 th July, 19.30 at the Lifeboat Station.
RYA KITE boarding ranker Held at WPNSA (Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy), visit their website for details. From: 30/03/2019 to 31/03/2019 CE will pay a visit RYA youth national championships Held at WPNSA (Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy), visit their website for details. From: 12/04/2019 to 19/04/2019 CE and JMc will attend on one of the days Weymouth Walkies Starting and finishing on Weymouth Beach. From: 14/04/2019 Website JMc will take a look at this 1st Portland Scouts’ Spring Fling Held at Weston football field, Weston Street, Portland Sunday 5 th May, from 12.00 to 4.00 pm TS will attend International guild of knot tiers exhibition Held at the Nothe Fort with FREE entry applicable CE will pay a visit WW2 family fun day Held at the Nothe Fort, admission fees apply 10:30 - 17:30 daily from: 25/05/2019 to 26/05/2019 JMc will pay a visit Weymouth armed forces day celebrations Saturday 22nd June - Watch the Historic Military Vehicles arrive on the seafront from 10am, visit the Association stands to gain a wealth of information of the various support organisations. Sunday 23rd June - the annual Open Air Service and Parade takes place from 11 am on Weymouth Seafront, welcoming over 1,500 veterans in the Parade, marching bands and convoy vehicles. Monday 24th June - Armed Forces Flag Raising From: 22/06/2019 to 24/06/2019 DC will participate, DH will attend RYA sailability multiclass championship Held at WPNSA (Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy), visit their website for details. From: 05/07/2019 to 07/07/2019 JG and TS will try to attend one of the days Clubs of Weymouth dinghy regatta From: 13/07/2019 to 14/07/2019 CE will deposit literature at WSC Nyetimber Dorset seafood festival Fresh food, live music and more! From: 13/07/2019 to 14/07/2019 This is an RLSS/Weymouth Water Safety event -Alice Higgins likely to be involved? CE and TS will liaise with Lifeboat Shop - Weymouth lifeboat 150th anniversary To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the opening of Weymouth Lifeboat Station there will be a Parade of Boats on the morning of Sunday 28th July, 2019. The Parade, led by the Weymouth Lifeboat and operational/historic lifeboats will form up off the Pier Bandstand at 1055 entering the Harbour at 1100 at a signal from Nothe Fort cannons. The salute will be taken at the landing stage before the Parade turns to port at a pin buoy laid in the Cove; heading back to sea before dispersing! From: 28/07/2019 - 02/08/2019 Involvement by members of the Com Safety team (CE, GP, JMc, JG, TS, DH at various times, esp. Throw-Bag competition at Bowleaze Wed 31 st (TS, CE) Portland Marina Week Watersports Day Sat 26 th Aug (have already agreed with Paul Swain at D&R Portland Marina to have presence here including throwbag competition for this event – he’d like gazebo or RNLI Road Show too (TS and CE) Barts Bash, Andrew Simpson Centre Sailing Academy From: 14/09/2019 to 15/09/2019 Gazebo? JMc to attend) Weymouth Speed Week (CE to offer safety Boat again) Portland Harbour 5 th – 10 th Oct 2019